Point Cache player for Unity®

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PointCachePlayer it is scriptable component that allow to import and play vertex animation in Unity® at editor and runtime mode.

♦ Simple artist-friendly interface comfortable for frequently sources reloading

♦ Various playback type: by code, by native Unity animation component or tweening systems

♦ Alternate point cache exporter for 3ds max included

♦ 4 3ds max demo scenes included

♦ Full source code (c#) included

♦Fast, simple, reliable, well tested pointcache importing and playback

♦Tiny CPU usage playback, Support all platforms

♦Support submeshes, uv, normals, tangents, axis conversion, pivot offset, scale

♦ High quality animable baked per-vertex Ambient Occlusion

♦ Control smoothing groups

Point Cache Player Demo (WebGL)
Random primitives WebGL


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